Monday, March 28, 2016

This is the SIMPLEST way to lose weight, EVER!!!

Hello, if you’ve tried everything…every diet, every exercise program, every group class, every everything, to help you lose weight and keep it off for good, then you have COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! 

After college, I moved away from home and started life on my own.  I had nobody to tell me what to do, no rules (well, besides the whole list of things that are illegal), and nobody to keep me on track with diet and exercise.  Ok, I’ll admit it, my parents didn’t tell me what to eat every day and that I needed to get in an hour of cardio followed by 45 minutes of weight training. However, there is a certain amount of freedom that comes along with living half a country away from everything you are familiar with.

The whole point here is that I finally had the freedom to be LAZY and STUPID!!!  And that is exactly what I was…and still am from time to time!  Anyhow, after a few short months of eating Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and McDonalds every single night, I found myself heavier than ever.  I’m telling you, I ate at McDonalds so often, they even named my order after me.  Ok, it's embarrassing, but here is what I ordered:  Big Mac with extra special sauce, quarter pounder with cheese and extra ketchup, four piece chicken nuggets, McChicken with extra pickles, and an order of fries and a drink.  I know what you are saying…WOW!  Well, I’m the kind of person that likes…no LOVES a buffet, and I was ordering just that!  They called it the McCorey! 

After spending a few months eating like this and exercising very little, I shocked my friends and family when I returned home.  They thought there was something wrong with me…maybe I got stung by a bee, or 100 bees!!  I felt miserable!  I have always been an athlete, in fact, I was voted the most athletic in my senior class in high school! 

Today, I can honestly say I can fit in the same clothes that I wore in high school, and that was over 15 years ago!  What changed?  What did I do to get those pounds back off?  And, keep them off?  With little to no effort?  I’ll tell you….

I am going to give you a list of 5 things that will get that weight off of you, forever! 

  1. Don’t diet

  2. Eat what you like

  3. Enjoy every chew

  4. Stop when you are full

  5. Move 30 minutes a day


Ok, before you stop reading…let me explain these!!!  It worked for me!!!



Raise your hand if you like diet food!!  Nobody? That’s right, NOBODY!!  So, just don’t do it.  If you find yourself eating not so desirable foods or starving yourself the whole day, our bodies aren’t capable of not reaching for the Cheetos or Oreos!!  Even if you gently placed all your bad (good) food in the trash, you will find yourself driving to the store for your favorite munchies and over indulging because you are STARVING!!!  This diet crap will never last and you simply cannot expect it to…we are only human!! 


Taco Bell, Burger King, your favorite local Mexican restaurant!  All sounds yummy, right.  Well, guess what…you can eat it all if you’d like!  If that’s what tickles your fancy!!  I mean, it tickles mine J  The secret is moderation and portion control!  I realize that’s no secret, of course!  But, if it’s public knowledge, why aren’t we using them (moderation and portion control)?  Keep reading and I will explain…



This, my friends, is why you eat what you like!  Your job as a food consumer, is to enjoy every single bite of the food you are eating!  EVERY SINGLE CHEW!  That means, SLOW DOWN and enjoy your food!  Put your fork down between every bite.  Don’t get so wrapped up in conversation that you forget to enjoy your food.  If you slow down and enjoy every single chew, your stomach gets a chance to realize it’s full!  Your body has to send signals to your brain to let you know when to stop eating, but if you eat too fast, you are tricking your brain into thinking it needs more!  If you are like me, your brain is easily tricked!!  If you are in a hurry, order one third the amount that you usually do and see if you get full, you may be surprised!  If you get hungry again in 1 hour…eat again!  SLOWLY!



That’s it, stop!  Stop eating!  Just stop it!!  What I do is, pour my drink on my food when I am full so I am not tempted to take another chip, or piece of bread, or bite of burger!!  It is way too easy if it’s just sitting there telling you to “EAT ME”!  Even of you are full to the point of being in slight pain…that only means it will get worse by the minute because you have tricked your brain and the “full” signals are being communicated…only, IT’S TOO LATE!!  If you slow down to enjoy every chew, you will more easily realize when you are full…that’s when you stop eating!!



Yes you do!  Yes you do have 30 minutes per day that you can do some sort of movement!  Nobody is busy every single second of every single day!  You see, your goal is to burn more calories than you take in.  According to research, an average woman that weighs 140 lbs and is 35 years old, burns around 1700 – 1900 calories a day.  An average male would burn around 2300 – 2500.  That is without doing a thing!  Your body burns calories by breathing, chewing food, walking, digesting meals, and any other small movements that occur with little or no effort.  Your task here is to burn more calories per day than you take in!  Sounds simple, right?  IT IS!!  If you are the woman I referred to here and you eat 1800 calories…you will maintain your weight!!  If you would like to lose a few, move 30 minutes a day to burn a few calories!!  Just remember, if you eat five times a day, your body will burn calories through digestion five times a day.  Is it better to eat and burn 300-400 calories several times a day or 2000 calories three times a day?!?!?


You will be surprised how little we actually need to get full!  I eat one pack of microwave oatmeal in the mornings, a snack (usually peanut mms) in the afternoon, a bowl of cottage cheese and some sort of meat for lunch, another snack (usually small bag of Doritos), then turkey meat burgers with sweet potato fries for dinner.  I stop when I am full, I love ever single bite, and I dang sure don’t eat diet food!!!


This is what works for me, GOOD LUCK!!!